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Karma Collective

Agate + Flower of Life Mala

$78.00 USD

Flower of Life 22k gold plated brassThe flower of life originates in one circle and all other circles are built up around that. That means you begin by drawing one circle and then continue drawing all the other circles around it. This symbol of the Flower of Life belongs to Sacred Geometry which believes that all life is part of a divine, geometric plan. 

Many see in the Flower of Life a symbol that represents or depicts the cycle of creation. This symbol shows that all life and consciousness arises from one
source (this being the first circle).

Agate:  is a powerful healing stone that can help tone and strengthen the link between mind and body. It is a grounding stone but can also build up energy. Agate can impart a sense of strength and courage and enhance the ability to discern the truth and accept circumstances. It balances and stabilizes the body and can enhance the effects of other stones. Associated with the crown chakra and Gemini zodiac sign.

This mala is hand knotted with rudraksha seeds, with a total of 108 beads, and comes with a one time re-stringing within the first year.

Handmade with love, made to inspire.