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Nicole Davidson

Posted on June 01 2017

Nicole is an adventure seeker, hear-on-her-sleeve wearer, student of yoga, world traveler, laughter advocate, dream chaser, fruit addict and compassion preacher. Life has definitely been an up and down roller-coaster of emotions, insecurities, disappointments and big changes, but Nicole has always looked for the silver-lining and the lesson in the situation, resulting in a positive outlook at the end of the day. Yoga has brought her to a community of support, a never ending learning journey, and an incredible connection of self-love and happiness she did not know existed previously.She currently lives in Calgary but lived in Nova Scotia for 4 years, Alabama for 1 year, Australia for 6 months and was born and raised in Vancouver. Nicole's biggest advice is to live presently and smile more. Love and light my friends! .


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