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Certified Yoga Teacher & Film and Television producer/actor.
Los Angeles, CA
Drew is an energetic and fun loving person. Growing up in the mountains of Utah, he was constantly surrounded by nature. His parents kept him and his younger brother active in hiking, mountain biking, skiing/snowboarding, and really any kind of outdoor activity. Being outside and physical exercise was where he found contentment. When Drew was twelve years old he moved with his family to Los Angeles, where he began to work as an actor. He has completed films, appeared on many television shows, continues to work as a host for the Disney Channel, and produce for Discovery Channel. After years of living in the fast paced entertainment industry, Drew quickly realized he needed a way to center himself. He unintentionally stumbled upon yoga. As he peeled away the layers and continued on the journey of yoga, he discovered an intense passion to share this gift with others. He completed teacher training, and since has found immense joy in spreading the values of being a yogi. Drew believes yoga brought him back to his roots, and introduced him to his true self. He found that fun loving person again, in addition to new incredible friends, a healthy mind/body, but most importantly, his calling of guiding others to do the same. Drew focuses on making a positive difference, and taking action towards scattering peace & happiness everywhere he goes. 


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